The original concept of “ Praise Floral ” is that God, the creator of all things, also create beautiful flowers to reflect His glory. With all my dedication and heartfelt blessings when creating each piece of work, I hope you would find it delightful and joyous.


Monica T.


My marvellous journey being a florist was all come from my first floral book “ A Book of Small Bouquets ”, a gift from my boyfriend ( Now my husband ! ) during our half year anniversary. I often shared my passion and enthusiasm with him about flowers. One day, he gave me a book called "A book of small bouquet" as a present and wished me that I could do something that I really enjoy with apart from my tedious and busy life as an Administration and HR professional.

After we got married and have our own flat, going to flower market became my regular weekend activity. There I bought flowers home and arranged them to the vases. One day I was telling myself why not I go and advance my floral knowledges and arrangement technique, therefore I attended various workshops to pursue my goal. With everything I learnt from various florists in town, my passion and love in flower also grew stronger. Gaining the support from my husband and friends, I took up the courage and now I become a full time floral designer.