Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

How many days does it take for each order?

For each order it will take 5 days from preparation to delivery.

How long do your flowers last?

In general 5-7 days. It depends on the type of flowers, weather and your environment. For more information, please go to our " FLOWER CARE " page.

Do we offer customs design?

Yes we do. Simply contact us via mobile / whatsapp 9876 8501 or email

Do we offer workshop?

Yes we do. You can visit our " WORKSHOP " page.

Where do you source your flowers?

We source our flowers all over Europe, South America and Asia.

Can I change my order after I make the purchase?

You can change your order that is equivalent to your order or higher value. Please contact us as early as possible to arrange the change as every piece will require 5 days to prepare.

Can I get refund after the purchase?

It is non-refundable once the purchase is made.

Can I postpone delivery date?

Due to every bouquet / flower basket are freshly handmade, postponing the delivery date is not an option.